I am a an artist, a wife, a sister, a friend and most importantly a mother of two girls. I want to help them grow into confident, brave, and capable women. The inspiration for my art is the idea that being feminine and strong are not mutually exclusive.


Color is the most important element in my work. I use a palette, traditionally considered “feminine”, elevated through the use of rich textures and bold mark making. I apply excessive layers of acrylics, graphite and oil sticks making intuitive choices as I work. I create through experimentation without restriction.


After earning a degree from The University Of Kansas with a BFA in Textile Design, I began a career in the textile industry. For years I worked as a colorist, designer and buyer where I was able to tap into my creative side using symmetry and patterns to create an eye catching design. Now, as an artist, my work allows me to take a bold, brave step outside of traditional boundaries. 

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